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Oct 2016: Arise Dr Sheppard

You wait a year for a Dphil viva and then two come along within a month.... congratulations to Dean Sheppard on success in his DPhil viva. The examiners, Profs Andrew Orr-Ewing (Bristol) and Nick Green were impressed by Dean's development of novel optical-cavity techniques for the measurement of magnetic field effects in proteins.Dean takes up a number of stipendiary lectureships teaching physchem for Trinity and Magdalen College.

Sept 2016: Congratulations Dr Cooper

Congratulations to Graham Cooper on success in his DPhil viva. Graham leaves us for a postdoc position at Newcastle with Dr Nick Walker. Good luck!

Sept 2016: Flavin Ascorbic Acic MFE study published in JCP

More congratulations to Emrys and Daniel as their Flavin / Ascorbic Acid MFE study is published in JCP .

Mar 2016: Chemical amplification of MFEs published in Nature Chem

Congratulations to Emrys and Daniel and the wider CRT / PJH/ SRM MFE collaboration on the Nature Chemistry article describing chemical amplification of magnetic field effects.

Jun 2016: Congratulations Part IIs!

A fantastic result for Mackenzie group Part IIs, Rhiannon Main (SEH) and Ed Barnard (SHU) both of whom gained 1st class Part II results in July!

Sept 2015: Graham et al.'s Ar-RG VMI paper published in JCP

Congratulations to all involved with the silver atom - rare gas VMI paper which has been published in J. Chem. Phys. which significantly improves the known dissociation energies for Ag-RG (RG = Ar, Kr, Xe) and for AgO

Jan 2014: PCCP article of VMI study of small copper-containing molecules appears

Like proverbial London buses, Imogen waits 2 years for her first paper and then two come along in a matter of weeks! Congratulations to her, Alex and Aras!

Aug 2013: FT-ICR CID study of RhnN2O published in JPC A

Congratulations to Imogen on her first publication - a study of collisional-induced cluster surface reactivity in collaboration with Prof Martin Beyer's group in Kiel, Germany

Feb 2013: Journal of Physical Chemistry A article on the structure of platinum oxide clusters published

This paper illuminates the other component of the collaborative work on platinum clusters, discussing the structure of platinum oxide clusters as determined by IRMPD and DFT.

Jul 2012: Congratulations to Part II students Graham Cooper, Callum McGuinn and Dean Sheppard....

...on excellent Part II theses duly rewarded by the examiners. We look forward to welcoming Graham and Dean back in Michaelmas as graduate students. Good luck to Callum in the outside world as a patent lawyer.

June 2012: Xe2 VMI study published

Scott's Xe2 VMI study has been published in the special edition of Mol Phys dedicated to Prof Peter Taylor (distinguished theoretician and ex colleague of Stuart's in Warwick)

Apr 2012: EW-CRDS study of Macromolecule adsorption published in Langmuir

Jan 2012: Anal Chem Technical Note published

The use of EWCRDS to study the production of lipid bilayers via vesicle fusion is illustrated in this latest Oxford-Warwick collaboration.

Dec 2011: Alex's J Phys Chem Lett article published

Congratulations to Alex Hermes on his first publication, The Effect of Coadsorbed Oxygen on the IR-induced decompositoin of N2O on Rh5+ clusters in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. This collaboration with the Fielicke / Meijer group at the FHI Berlin is a further illustration of a cluster analogue of temperature programmed reaction which allows the investigation of reaction and desorption barriers as a function of cluster size and structure.

July 2011: Congratulations to Imogen Parry

...Part II student 2010/11 on her award of a PTCL Prize (Accesserunt Proxime) for her thesis, Spectroscopy and Reactivity of Decorated Transition Metal Clusters. Also, congratulations to Robert Moffatt on his 2.i - no less of an achievement, we wish him well in his career in teaching.

May 2011: Congratulations to Scott Hopkins

...ex long term post-doc in the group, on his appointment to a faculty position in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Fully deserved, we wish him well as he starts his independent career.

Mar 2011: New publication in J. Phys. Chem. A

Our study on the reactivity of rhodium clusters with N2O has been published, as a follow-up to last year's communication.

Nov 2011: Broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectra of microfluidic chips

Congratulations to Simon Neil and Cathy Rushworth - their BBCEAS study of microfluidic droplets in situ has been published in "Lab on a Chip". This collaboration of the Mackenzie and Vallance groups further illustrates the versatility of supercontinuum BBCEAS.

Oct 2011: New JACS paper with Timmel/Hore groups published

Following Radical Pair Reactions in Solution: A Step Change in Sensitivity Using Cavity Ring-Down Detection

Aug 2011: Imaging wavefunctions communication published in the Journal of Chemical Physics

Velocity map imaging of dissociative ionization in Xe2 provides an exceptional example of the reflection principle clearly showing the nodal structure of vibrational wavefunctions

Mar 2011: New publication in J. Phys. Chem. A

Our study on the reactivity of rhodium clusters with N2O has been published, as a follow-up to last year's communication.

Mar 2011: Collaborative Au-Xe VMI study with Tim Wright (Nottingham) is published in JCP

In a continuation of last year's work, our VMI study of Au-Xe complex dissociation is published in J. Chem. Phys.

A first group DPhil: Congratulations to Suzy Hamilton

After 6 PhD's, Suzy Hamilton is the first from the Mackenzie group to be awarded a DPhil. Congratulations!

Jan 2011: Collaborative Li(NH3)4 VMI study with Andrew Ellis is published in JPCLett

in a new collaboration with Prof Andrew Ellis and group from Leicester, our VMI study of Li(NH3)4 photofragmentation has been published in J. Phys. Chem. Lett.

Jan 2011: EWCRDS review published

Mathias and Simon's Tutorial Review of cavity-based evanescent wave spectroscopy ahs been published in Chemical Society Reviews

Dec 2010: Rhodium cluster IR-MPD study published in JCP

Another Oxford - Berlin collaboration, studying the structurs of gas-phase rhodium clusters has been published by J Chem Phys.

Sept 2010: New ChemPhysChem Publication published

Another Oxford - Warwick Collaborative EWCRDS study, this time studying redox chemistry of immobilized cytochrome-c, has been published by ChemPhysChem.

One Part II, one Part II Thesis Prize!

Congratulations to Alex Woodham (Hertford), Part II student in the group 2009/2010, whose thesis "Spectroscopy of gas-phase metal-containing species" has won the PTCL Thesis prize.

Two new Phd's!

Congratulations to Hayley Powell and Mathias Schnippering on their successful PhD vivas at the university of Warwick. They become the 5th and 6th students associated with the group to gain their doctorates.

March 2010 Publication

New publication in Mol. Phys. in collaboration with the Timmel group on the application of cavity enhanced absorption techniques to studying the magnetic field effects of radical pairs.

New Publication in Langmuir

New publication on the application of EW-CRDS to the adsorption of DNA on functionalised surfaces.

Third January 2010 Publication

A new communication was published in J. Am. Chem. Soc. on the infrared-induced reactivity of N2O on rhodium clusters.

January 2010 Group Publications

Two SRM group papers were published in the first week of 2010: a condensed phase cavity enhanced absorption study in Analyst published jointly with the Hancock and Ritchie groups and a J. Chem. Phys. Communication on the far-IR spectrum of gas-phase Rh8+ cluster.

New VMI publication

Our velocity map imaging paper on Au2 is the Editor's Choice in this issue of Chemical Physics Letters.

November 2009 Group Publications

New publication on EW-CRDS monitoring of polyaniline nanoparticle formation on silica surfaces.

October 2009: New Students

Welcome to our new DPhil students Alex Hermes and Jing Li. Alex will be working on the metal cluster spectroscopy and VMI experiments, and Jing Li will be joining the cavity ringdown/cavity enhanced project. Alex Woodham will also be working in the the metal cluster lab for his Part II project.

Farewell to Dan

May 2009: Dr Dan Harding is leaving us to start a post-doc at the Fritz-Haber-Institut in Berlin. We wish him every success in Germany.

April 2009 Group Publications

View the publications list for an article on the electronic spectrum of vanadium monoxide.

March 2009: Congratulations to Jing Li

Jing Li (currently an MSc student at Imperial College London) has been awarded a distinguished Clarendon Scholarship enabling her to join the group as a DPhil student in October.

March 2009 Group Publications

View the publications list for an article in EJMS on niobium cluster rections with nitric oxide published as part of a Festschrift in Peter Derrick's honour.

February 2009 Group Publications

View the publications list for our JCP article on the reactions of nitrogen oxides on the surface of cationic cobalt clusters.

January 2009 Group Publications

View the publications list for details of papers on the interaction of Tris(2,2'-bipyridine)ruthenium(II) with functionalized silica surfaces (in Langmuir), and DFT calculations on rhodium oxide clusters (Chemical Physics Letters).

Congratulations to Dan Harding

Dan Harding passed his PhD viva on 12 December 2008 becoming the 4th Mackenzie group graduate. He was also awarded the University of Warwick "Best Thesis Prize" for 2008.

Mikhail moves on...

Dr Mikhail Mazurenka has accepted a position in Berlin. Mikhail has been a valuable post-doc in the group for nearly 4 years and the success of the evanescent wave cavity ringdown project is due in large part to his expertise. We are grateful and wish him well in Germany.

SRM Group Relocation

As of October 2008, the group is now in the PTCL at Oxford University.

New DPhil student: Simon Neil

Welcome to Simon Neil who joins us from Leicester to work on the cavity ringdown/cavity enhanced project.

October Publications

New publications on EW-CRDS using a supercontinuum light source, the structures of oxides of small rhodium clusters, and observation of the assembly and dissolution of silver nanoparticle films using cavity ringdown. View the publications list for more details.