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Research Group News

Jul 2018: 3 Part IIs, 3 1st Class thesis marks!

Congratulations to Mackenzie group Part II students Peter Beardsmore (STJ), Dan Sowood (STJ) and Tom Spearman (Brasenose) on their outstanding Part II projects all of which attracted 1st Class marks.

Jun 2018: Tilo and Lauren's JACS paper is published

This CRDS study of magnetic field effects in synthetic flavo-proteins sheds light on the mechanism behind animal magnetoreception. JACS DOI:10.1021/jacs.8b03104.

Jan 2018:Alex and Alice's C-H activation by Au(1) paper is published

This IR study of gold-methane ion-molecule colmplexes and been published in Topics in Catalysis DOI: 0.1007/s11244-017-0868-z in which the structures and internal rotation dynamics of the title complexes are determined and we present evidence of vibratioanally enhanced dehydrogenation reactions.

Oct 2017:CH2BRI Coulomb Explosion Imaging paper published

A huge collaborative effort including many research groups (including Alex Gentleman from the SRM group) the Coulomb Explosion Imaging of concurrent CH2BrI photodissociation has been published in Physical Review A . Congratulations to Michael Burt in coordinating it all.

Oct 2017: Congratulations Dr Iskra!

Congratulations to Andreas on his success in his DPhil viva. Mackenzie DPhil number 14, Andreas's thesis is entitled "Photofragmentation Studies of Metal Ion-Molecule Complexes and Metal Oxides"

Oct 2017: Ethan's M+(N2O) IR-REPD paper published

Ethan's infrared study study of coinage metal ion / nitrous oxide complexes has been published in JPCA showing clear evidence of N-bound and O-bound isomers

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