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Research Group News

Nov 2017:Alex and Alice's C-H activation by Au(1) paper is published

This IR study of gold-methane ion-molecule colmplexes and been published in Topics in Catalysis DOI: 0.1007/s11244-017-0868-z in which the structures and internal rotation dynamics of the title complexes are determined and we present evidence of vibratioanally enhanced dehydrogenation reactions.

Oct 2017:CH2BRI Coulomb Explosion Imaging paper published

A huge collaborative effort including many research groups (including Alex Gentleman from the SRM group) the Coulomb Explosion Imaging of concurrent CH2BrI photodissociation has been published in Physical Review A . Congratulations to Michael Burt in coordinating it all.

Oct 2017: Congratulations Dr Iskra!

Congratulations to Andreas on his success in his DPhil viva. Mackenzie DPhil number 14, Andreas's thesis is entitled "Photofragmentation Studies of Metal Ion-Molecule Complexes and Metal Oxides"

Oct 2017: Ethan's M+(N2O) IR-REPD paper published

Ethan's infrared study study of coinage metal ion / nitrous oxide complexes has been published in JPCA showing clear evidence of N-bound and O-bound isomers

Oct 2017: New starters in the Mackenzie lab

The Mackenzie group wecomes Peter Beardsmore (STJ), Dan Sowood (STJ) and Tom Spearman (Brasenose) as Part II students

Apr 2017: Graham's VMI study of MoO and CrO complexes published in the special JCP edition dedicated to VMI

The latest VMI photodissociation study of neutral metal-containing molelcues providing much improved dissociatin energies and intriguing diossociation dynamics.

Jan 2017: Andreas's IR-MPD study of M+(CO2) complexes published in J. Phys. Chem. A

The first paper from a new instrument in the Mackenzie group, this article describes the structure of important gas-phase metal ligand complexes using a combination of IR-spectroscopy (using the inert messenger technique) and DFT simulations

Jan 2017: Dean and Jing's DmCry MFE paper published in Scientific Reports

An unambiguous mT magnetic field effect observed in an animal cryptochrome using a variety of techniques. Congratulations to all.

Dec 2016: Lauren and Tilo's Maquette MFE paper published in JACS

MFE detected in a syntheic "maquette" model of a cryptochrome. A collaboration between groups in Oxford and Philadelphia. Congratulations to all.

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